Q. Why do you size your cakes in pounds?

A. We have been baking cakes for over 50 years and the poundage (lb) relates to our tins that are all pre-metric.  The true final weight of our decorated cakes vary due to type of cake and the amount of icing used to make each design but they're always higher than the poundage (lb) stated or it's metric equivalent (1 pound = 453.59237 grams).

Q. What's the metric  size / weight of your cakes?

A. The poundage refers to the size tin we use for that weight of Fruit Cake.  The finished decorated cake is always heavier.  Work on 500g finished weight per pound for Fruit and Mud cake 450g per pound for Maderia.

Any size quoted is again based on the cake tin and the finished cake will be larger.

Square and Round  tins: 1lb =10cm / 1.5lb = 13cm / 2lb = 15cm / 3lb = 18cm / 4lb = 20cm / 5lb = 23cm / 6lb = 26cm / 8lb = 28cm / 10lb = 36cm

Heart tins: 1.5lb = 18cm / 3lb = 20cm / 6lb = 28cm

Hexagonal 1.5lb = 13cm / 3lb = 18cm / 6lb = 26cm

Q. What kind of cakes can we have for our Wedding Cake?

A. While fruit cake is the traditional cake for weddings, Mississippi mud cake is becoming more and more popular.  While you can have any type of cake or combination of cakes in your Wedding Cake there are limitations to the number of tiers you can go up. The lighter Madeira cakes can only go up 3 tiers and Mississippi Mud cakes 4 tiers.  Fruit cakes can go up 7 tiers or even higher with extra pillar work. If you want a wedding cake higher than 4 tiers in Chocolate you must  make the base tier in fruit.

Q. What kind of photo file do I send for a photo cake?

A. JPEG is the recommend file type. Click on "Save As" in your image program and JPEG should be one of your options.

Q. What size should my file be?
Bigger the better 50k is the minimum, over 1Meg is overkill and would take a long time to upload if you are on dial up.

Q. What other file types can you accept?

A. All the main graphic file types: GIFF, BMP, PDS, TIFF, EPS, PDF.  We can open Microsoft Word and Power Point but there can be problems with colour, fonts, layout and image size.